Friday, January 23, 2009

Lincoln Wayne Davis... at last

Born January 22, 2009
@ 9:15 PM
9 lbs 4 oz
19 1/4 in
My brother Jared and his wife Lindsey finally had their baby boy. We were all anxiously awaiting his arrival and were all so exciting when he finally came. Lindsey went in yesterday to be induced because he just wasn't wanting to come on his own. The whole process was pretty speedy. She got in her room at 5 PM and had him a little over four hours later. Not bad. Lincoln is so cute. He is what my mom calls a "brick". He is heavy and compact. I was able to be there when big sister Lily finally got to see her new brother. She had to wear a mask and they had to bring the baby out of the room to meet her. The first thing she did was try to give him his pacifier. It was a sweet gesture.

I am so happy to be an aunt again. I love Lily and I know Lincoln will bring just as much joy to the family. I am happy that he and Jane are close in age. I have a feeling he will get bigger than her very soon and be quick to learn how to beat up on her. Oh the things we have to look forward to.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby On The Run

I was getting Jane ready for bed and decided I would just go ahead and do it on her play mat real fast. Well, i turned around to get her diaper and when i turned back she had escaped and was playing with her toys. It was so cute, Taylor and I couldn't help but laugh. We just had to get a picture.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Big Girl

Yes, it is true. My precious little baby is getting big. After lots of practice Jane is finally able to sit by herself. She doesn't have it down perfect yet, but she is close. She can sit for about 30 to 45 seconds before she collapses. I also have discovered that she is getting her first tooth. It is funny because it isn't even a bottom front tooth. It is on the bottom but it isn't in the middle, it is off to the side a little bit. I hope she doesn't look like a little goober when it comes in all the way.

The Beach

Yesterday Jane and I tagged along with my parents and sisters for a trip to the beach. We ended up meeting in Pismo with our friend Kelly Hernandez and her little baby Lucy. We of course had lunch at Splash Cafe which was delicious, as usual. From there we headed off to Avila Beach and then we went and explored some tide pools. It was so wonderful to get away from the cold, wet weather here in Fresno and go play in the sun. Not to mention, it was really neat getting to see Kelly and letting our babies play together.