Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Day

This year was my first year not only making a turkey, but making the whole feast. It was actually a lot of fun. I am sure a few more years of making holiday meals and I will change my mind though. I was expecting the turkey to be really challenging, but it wasn't the cooking it part that was hard, it was trusting my skills enough to feed it to my family. I watched the Alton Brown turkey special beforehand so that I had some idea of what I was doing. The thermometer was telling me that everything was fully cooked, everything looked cooked, but that wasn't enough for me. After we carved the turkey, I kept telling Taylor to put in the microwave so we could be sure. I guess everything was fine because nobody got sick, but the pressure was pretty intense.
Our Thanksgiving feast
Jane was super excited to eat. She kept stealing bites of stuffing.

My boys ready to eat

We even tried to get Wyatt in on the fun. He can't really have protein, so I specially bought him some Cool Whip. Wyatt's Thanksgiving treat was cranberry sauce and Cool Whip. I thought he would love it, play in it, just all around have a ball. He surprised me, he touched it once and that was enough. I even put the Cool Whip on my finger and into his mouth. He just made a yucky face and then pretended I didn't exsist.
Wyatt being a handsome boy