Saturday, January 15, 2011

Partners in Crime

 The way bath time works in our house is both kids take a bath together, then I take Wyatt out and get him in his pajamas while Jane plays for a little bit longer. Wyatt is always very sad when it is his time to get out and he always goes back into the bathroom and stands next to the tub until Jane is done. Wyatt had been crawling up and down the hall way so I went really quick to put the dirty clothes in the laundry room and when I returned, this is what I found. Wyatt was soaked from head to toe, splashing in about an inch of water that was now on my bathroom floor. Jane was, even as I stood there, dumping buckets of water on the ground and laughing as Wyatt was playing in it. At first I upset by the whole thing. It wasn't until later that I decided it was cute. Jane was trying to help Wyatt have more fun and if he couldn't have fun with water in the bath, why not outside the bath. She is just too thoughtful.

A Lost Boy

Doesn't he look like he belongs in Neverland? He is so cute in his bear hat. I hope he wears it everyday until he is ten. He already wore it for an entire day. He doesn't mind it and I love watching him go about his business with it on. It is just too darn cute.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wyatt's 1st Birthday Party (1 week early)

The super cute birthday cake. Good job Grandma Susie.

Wyatt was kind enough to let all the kids help him open gifts.

Wyatt loves his daddy so much. They are best pals. It is very sweet.

Even though Wyatt couldn't eat the cake, he got to blow out his candle.

He can't have regular cake but he can have vanilla frosting. Clean up turned into a great big drink.

My friend Jordan was able to come and meet Wyatt for the first time.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My tree before Jane removed all the ornaments and Wyatt pulled the lights off.
 This year, we celebrated Christmas twice. Our first Christmas came two weeks early at our home here in Colorado. It was so fun to see how excited Jane was to see that Santa Claus had come and Wyatt thoroughly impressed me with his ability to tear the wrapping paper. It was a very fun experience for Taylor and I as parents and I know the kids enjoyed it also.
Wyatt would have been just as happy to have received the paper as his gift.

Jane loves animals.

Wyatt is fascinated by toys that flash lights and sing songs.

I am pleased to say that my children love music. Jane loves making music and Wyatt loves dancing to it.
 Our second Christmas came on the actual day, this time in California. It was wonderful being able to see our families over the holidays. Jane was happy to see that Santa came again, every kids dream.
She loves being in the spotlight.

He had fun getting to play with his toys in peace while Jane was distracted by other presents.

Merry Christmas!