Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

This year we decided it made the most sense for us to buy a small fake tree as opposed to the beautiful, big, real tree I wanted. After forking over a fortune for plane tickets to California for the holiday and knowing that we wouldn't even be able to enjoy the tree for those eleven days we are out of town, we settled on this four foot tall, Charlie Brown type tree. After decorations and some love I think it was ten dollars well spent. Also, thank goodness for shatterproof ornaments, Jane likes to try to manhandle the tree.

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

This past weekend our family drove to this cute little town called Moss Point for Christmas at the River. There were booths, arts and crafts, hot cocoa and the part that we were interested in, the boat parade and fireworks show. It ended up dropping down to freezing temperatures and we had to leave early, before the fireworks. It was good while it lasted though. If nothing else it was worth the drive, during which I got to see how beautiful some parts of Mississippi can be.

This was the boat we liked the most.

We posed for a picture in the freezing cold.

Jane beforehand, all ready to keep warm.

Random Pictures of My Little Cutie

Daddy dressed Jane up like a weight lifter...

and a tennis pro.

Jane enjoying her peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Just out and about with mom.

Playing and having fun at the beach.