Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Little Turtle Surprise

Today, I went in for what was supposed to be just a normal 15 week prenatal visit. I figured it would be the normal weight, urine sample, blood pressure, fetal heartbeat, questions kind of day. It ended up holding lots of surprises. First, I left my urine sample which was really cloudy(sorry if you didn't want to know that). This wasn't so worrisome but I figured it probably wasn't ideal either. Then, I stepped on the scale for my weight. I had no gain at all putting my total weight gain for this pregnancy at a -2 pounds. So, now I was thinking this is not good. Things go normal from there until the doctor tries to listen to the heartbeat. SHE COULDN'T FIND IT!!! I didn't want to totally flip out but I knew things weren't looking so hot. So at this point the doctor decides we need to do an ultrasound. I am not going to lie, I was preparing myself for the worst. Then, up on the screen popped a healthy baby. While the doctor was looking around for the heartbeat she says, "Did you see that? Did you see the little turtle?" I was thinking to myself, "What on earth?" The doctor then clarified that she thought I was having a boy and she had gotten a shot of his little turtle. We found the heart beat which was strong and healthy and I found out that I am actually 16 weeks 4 days pregnant, not just 15, moving my due date to January 30th. I am so grateful everything turned out alright.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jane Had a Birthday! Shout Hooooooray!

We celebrated Jane's 1st birthday on July 25th, though we had the party the night before. It was so exciting to see my baby at her first birthday celebration. It makes me look so forward to the ones to come. I just can't believe how quickly our first year with her flew by. Taylor wasn't able to be here for Jane's birthday due to him being in Texas for basic training but he did get to call that day which was very special. Here are some pictures from Jane's lady bug birthday.

Cousins Lincoln and Lily. This picture perfectly illustrates just how polar opposite their personalities are.

The super cute lady bug cake my sister Brooke and I made together. Not quite Ace of Cakes, but still cute.

My little bug patiently waiting for her dinner.

Mommy and Jane getting ready for cake time.

Jane soaking up the attention.

She loved her cake!!

All done!!