Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter this year was crazy. Taylor is working nights so he didn't get off of work until 6:00 am that day. So I got the kids and I off to church on my own. Easter always makes for a fun day in nursery, it always seems as though the kids got into their Easter baskets before church because they are crazy, bouncing off the walls. It was a great day at though. We got home and I had exactly 2 1/2 hours to pull off our Easter celebration, which included making and eating dinner, opening baskets, and hunting for eggs, all before Taylor had to go work again. We did it though, and had a good time together.
I didn't get the traditional Easter picture of my kids together in their cute outfits because it was cold and snowy outside. In my opinion that is a crime against the holiday itself. I did get some pictures though. I had to document Jane's homemade outfit and Wyatt's homemade tie.
There were three flowers on it but by the time I took the picture she had already been to nursery, where it got ripped off. Like I said, the kids had their candy before church.

The goober was making his squinty eyes. Those are his I love you eyes.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Goodbye Hair

After battling with myself, I finally cut off Wyatt's hair. I was wanting to keep it long because little boys with long shaggy hair are so cute, but the maintenance was too much. It's a fight to brush Jane's hair, it just doesn't seem like I should have to fight my son to brush his hair. Plus, that is where he saves his food. Now that it is done, I am so happy I did it. He is such a handsome pants.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

She Speaks the Truth

Where's Wyatt?

 Can you spot him?
No need to wonder how he got buried in the basket, that guilty face says it all.