Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bad Luck

Poor Jane's bad luck started on Sunday. At church, she fell out of her seat and hit her face on the hymn book holder. That left a real nasty looking bruise right on her cheek bone. Yesterday, the bad luck continued. While she was playing at the park, carefree like a child should be, a mean 8 year old boy smacked her in the face with a baseball bat. The result, a black eye. When asked why, he being so much older, would hit a 2 year old girl, he said, " She was in my way." Are you kidding me? Talk about the worst kid in the world.
This was the best picture she would let me get. This is what it looked like this morning, after two icings.


Erin Leigh said...

this is too sad! i keep going over in my head how i would have handled that same situation with that kid if he had hit june. did you punch him?!

Ryan and Vanessa said...

Oh poor thing! I cant believe the 8 year old though, seriously wouldnt you just say you are so sorry. Well she is still adorable, hopefully they dont last too long. :)